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Here is an image produced by raytracer I created from the ground-up.  No external libraries were used. This image utilized my anti-aliasing feature, and thus took 40 seconds to render on my personal computer. As you can see, reflection and specularity are turned up for demonstration. Next steps are to create softer shadows and implementing ray-cone intersection. Enjoy!



Here is the first animated short I have worked on. I served as the Character TD/General TD, and absolutely loved it. I was responsible for the mouse character rig, animating, the “jello shots”, as well as modeling, lighting, and texturing here and there. This started off as my simple idea for a first animated short, and it is awesome beyond words to see it all put together. Enjoy our two-minute tale!

I entered this piece, Life in Wartime, into our student chapter’s Spring Gallery. I modeled, textured, and lit the scene. I thoroughly enjoy texturing, and writing shaders. I am happy to say that these piece won the “Best in 3D” category this year.