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Hello, I’m Kaileen Kraemer. It’s nice to meet you!

I am studying Computer Graphics Technology and Computer Science at Purdue University, and aspire to work as a Technical Director for a large-scale CG masterpiece. I am constantly learning both the technical and artistic aspects of creating computer animation and game productions.  And I love it.

I have a strong technical background, and a passion for computer graphics.

Applying my programming skills and software engineering knowledge to Computer Graphics is what I look forward to every day:  from raytracers to GPU shaders, from VFX toolsets to rigging scripts. Open source contibutions in the CG industry are also a passion and pastime of mine. I love to discuss such exciting projects and participate in their developer forums.

My Goals:

After I graduate this December, I aim to continue to learn in a challenging environment and be surrounded by great people who are passionate about making CG productions exceptional. I hope to connect with both mentors and peers who will help keep my knowledge and skills growing, and to continue to sharpen my technical aptitude though hands-on development.

Please contact me at Thank you.


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